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[High Quality Designer Watches For Men Online] - PJK Timepieces
[High Quality Designer Watches For Men Online] - PJK Timepieces
Green Moon Steel Watch
Green Moon Steel Watch
Green Moon Steel Watch

Green Moon Steel Watch

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24 Month Warranty

Your PJK TIMEPIECES watch has complex and ultra reliable Japanese movements tried and tested by some of the Worlds largest brands.  Therefore we are confident to give it a warranty period of 24 months from the date of purchase (or delivery on pre-orders). 

The Warranty covers :

  - Material and manufacturing defects

 -  Movement defects

Any problems and we will work with you swiftly to resolve them.  


Please note : Our warranty cannot be transferred to another owner. A claim must be brought by the original purchaser. In particular any watches that are re-sold on auction sites are not covered.


This manufacturer’s warranty does not cover:

- the life of the battery

- normal wear and tear and ageing (e.g. scratched crystal; alteration of the colour and/or material of non-metallic straps and chains, such as leather, plastic, textile

- any damage on any part of the watch resulting from abnormal/ abusive use, lack of care, negligence, accidents (knocks, dents, crushing, broken crystal, etc.), incorrect use of the watch .


We also run a "No Lemon policy", if we have to repair anything more than once, we'll replace it with a new piece - subject to availability.

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